Friday, October 24, 2008

Question of the Day

I was surprised to receive an email asking what Bruce's Halloween costume was going to be! I had not given this any thought at all, as he is so proud of his new scarf and wears it all the time, indoors and out:

He was a very good boy at the recording studio, and here he is with my lunch burrito:

And here he is with the burrito bag:

So... I've decided to leave it to a vote for my blog readers. What costume should I make for Bruce this Halloween?


phil said...

Bruce Wayne of Wayne Manor!


How abouts putting the sack over his head, and he can go as Mr. Potato Sack Head? Naw.

Oh! Put a beanie cap on him and he can go as the Spruce Bruce!

glamah16 said...

Bruce is too cute. I say get Brue a big gold chain with a clock and have him come as Flava Flav.Its the only thing I can think of. :-)

Betsy said...

Well, he did make an adorable pirate back on Talk Like a Pirate Day! :)

Blog Princess G said...

Hee hee! Excellent ideas so far!

Edward Hegstrom said...

A bat dressed as a man, in order to strike fear (or indifference) into the hearts of other bats! Some will fear him, some admire him, but either way, increasingly pretentious movies will be made about him.

Suza said...

I think Bruce has a bit of the devil in him. I can see the horns and pitchfork now!

Dave Coulter said...

Dracula is too obvious...and a Louisville Slugger is too obscure.
Maybe he could be The Count from Sesame Street?

Protege said...

I thought Bruce already had his costume on.;)))

There is an award for you at my place, should you choose to accept it. I checked and I do not think you have one of those yet.:))

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Why, the Boss, of course.

Lavinia said...

Whatever you do, don't buy him a Sarah Palin mask!!!

May I suggest he go as "Jaws" from James Bond? Some aluminum foil glued onto his teeth would do the trick very nicely, methinks.

p.s. I hope Bruce is washable!

Betsy said...

Your little Bruce is such a cutie! Has he been yours a long time from childhood or is he a new friend? And is Tibby jealous? :)

Lizeth said...
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Capt. Luke said...

Isn't everybody going to be a pirate?

Blog Princess G said...

Bruce is pretty overwhelmed and excited by all the suggestions!

Phil: Bruce Wayne is very high on the list. :)

Glamah: I love it! It would be a quick costume too! I'd just have to fashion that horned helmet I guess. :)

Betsy and Capt. Luke: that's another top five idea!

Ed: Manbat! Bruce is having such fun deciding what his mask might be! Great one Ed!

Suza: That would be great!

Dave: The Count is in the shortlist for certain! :)

Protege: Bruce is pondering that one... oh! An award! Thank you, I'm coming over to get it!

Pamela Terry and Edward... wow, that's inspired! I think we'd go for the Born in the USA cover look.

Lavinia: Bruce was happy to veto the Palin idea. He's been playing with some aluminum foil, so we'll see what happens. He's washable, yes. :)

Betsy: Bruce is a relatively new addition to the family, but he fits right in. He has an Australian accent and a very sweet disposition. I haven't left him alone with Tibby because he's a perfect, chewable size for our big tiger.

Lizeth: Your links didn't take me anywhere specific, but thank you!

Capt. Luke: Er... why, yes!

willow said...

I think he should be a ham, like Scout in "To Kill a Mockingbird".

Dr. M. said...

I've been following Bruce's antics and he seems to be a rather nomadic, adventurous, strong-willed, drink & food loving fellow who really gets around. Sort of reminds of Frodo and the rest of the gang from the LOTR. It would be fitting to dress him up as a hobbit.

Keep it up Bruce! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise and ignore them when they tell you that 'bat hobbits are hard to break.'

Blog Princess G said...

Willow: What a wonderful suggestion! I loved that scene... and we all know he's a ham... hee hee!

Dr. M: Hobbit! What a cool idea! Well, as it turned out, Bruce made his decision very suddenly while watching a movie tonight. All will be revealed!